About me

Welcome to my journey of finding my new path!

13533000_105252633241534_6452346080462856191_n    My name is Harmony, I’m currently in my twenties, I live in Southern California, and I was born into the Mormon religion.

When I was 18 a friend took me to a shop that was filled with crystals, stones, books, jewelry, unique boxes, musical instruments, candles, incense and much more. From the second that my little feet crossed the threshold I was more excited than a kid going to Disneyland! I went from being a thoughtless kid to wanting to buy a shelf full of books so I could learn the path to my eternal happiness.

Years went by because I wasn’t quite ready to completely let go of my spiritual history, even though it felt wrong and my family who I love were members. In December 2015 I decided I wanted a journal. So I poked around etsy and came across this beautiful large, and I mean huge, leather book with a beautiful tree and Celtic knots and fell in love. Once I ordered it I took a look and saw that the description had the words book of shadows and grimoire and that’s when everything began.

It’s been almost 7 months and I still feel excited to learn which is a new thing for me. I have to stop myself from reading all day so that I can eat and have human interactions.

I have made this site as well as a YouTube channel, and an Instagram to keep a digital record of my journey and to have a way of interacting with others who share my thoughts, and lifestyle while keeping my “non magical” life separate. Since I am still “in the broom closet” I will be using this site and my magical name to keep my new path a secret from my family until I’m ready and have learned enough to show them how much happier I am.